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The Questions you ask us frequently

We do not want to attack Islam or any other religion. Neither do we want to disrespect any person regardless of their point of view. Our goal is to present the truth with love and respect. We love our Muslim brothers and sisters in humanity as God loves them and we want them to see the truth without bashing any religion or individuals.

We want to talk about our faith as we are not ashamed of it. Sometimes we have to bring clarity to the subject, for example if we want to look at the subject of prophethood, we look at it up in the Bible and compare it to other claims made about prophethood. Therefore, everything we present whether in reference to Christianity or a different religion is thoroughly referenced in our programs.

We dont just think that people will leave Islam, but we pray that they will find Jesus Christ the Saviour. Choosing a specific path in life is every one's personal decision. In the case of Islam many have been burdened with the idea that they are not allowed to choose another religion. The apostacy law makes it difficult for many Muslims to leave Islam. That is why we want to give people the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ and accept him as their Saviour. There are millions of Muslims around the world who have left Islam. Our prayer is that the all people in all nations have the opportunity to make this decision.

Jesus Christ has commanded all the Christians in Injeel to preach the Good News of Him in the whole world. South Asia is part of this world so it is our duty to obey the commands of Jesus. We also believe in the freedom of expression and speech therefore we do not need to have any human permission to speak the truth. However, we do not have permission from Jesus Christ to attack and disrespect any religion.